Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album

Star Wars Christmas AlbumDue to a recent hard drive crash, I decided to undertake the monumental task of straightening out my overloaded music collection.  I have way too many duplicate tracks, songs I’ll never listen to and crap I’ve long forgotten about.  I decided I would start with my Holiday Music since Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’m a Ho Ho Ho kind of guy.

And that is when I came across this album,
Christmas in the Stars:  The Star Wars Christmas Album.  I know there once was a Star Wars Christmas special that George Lucas still tries to disavow any knowledge of its existence.  It’s been uploaded to YouTube  often enough, but quickly gets obliterated with a takedown notice.  Apparently George doesn’t want anyone to see it.  He has no sense of humor and would rather banish his mistakes than own up to them.

I had forgotten about this musical cup of Advent Eggnog from the Death Star.  I’ve also never listened to it in its entirety until now.   Most of the album consists of C3po warbling carols while R2D2 throws out a few beeps just for good measure.  It’s not very good, although their cover of Sleigh Ride isn’t too bad.  The worse are the original songs.  They are god-awful.

Still, you can purchase this curiosity (monstrosity?) piece if you wish, from Amazon for a very high price though seeing as how it is a collectible and maybe I’ll make a few cents to spend on my sweetie for Christmas.  Or you can find the thing on YouTube if you so desire.  But as usual, you never know when Lucas (or Disney?) will get an itch and have the thing taken down.  An early Happy Holidays to you.