Saturday, February 15, 2014

100 of Hollywood’s Biggest Blockbusters Year By Year

It’s fascinating to watch.  Not just as the grosses grow from one decade to the next, but also watch for those suddenly huge jumps mad by films such as Gone With The Wind, The Sound of Music, Star Wars, Jaws, and Titanic.

Remember these two American Idol contestants? I sure do.

To this day I still believe Diana DeGarmo was sabotaged in the Season 3 finale of American Idol when mysteriously, the sound on her feedback speakers mysteriously shut down.  This made it impossible for her to hear herself sing and she screwed the vocals up badly because of it.  I asked her once about this and whether she thought she might have won if that hadn’t happened.  Her answer was simply, “Well, we’ll never know, will we?”

Up until the finale, she had been on a roll for about four or five weeks and appeared ready to snatch the title right out from under Fantasia Barrino.   

AI also did nothing to promote her career, but she was a terrific vocalist then and still is.  Here she is with her husband Ace Young, who was also a contestant on Idol during a different season.