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Overnight Comedy Moment: Quit While You’re Ahead

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Tonight’s Overnight Comedy Moment: From Behind the Brush



Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meet NBC’s New Peter Pan

Seeing as how Carrie Underwood is busy being pregnant, she won’t get to follow up her Sound of Music extravaganza by flying high as Peter Pan.  So NBC signed up superstar Allison Williams (who?) from HBO’s and Lena Dunham’s Girls to don the tights.

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Today they released a photograph of Allison in her Halloween Costume Peter Pan get-up.  So how does she stack up against the likes of Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan, and Cathy Rigby who had this gig previously?

She looks like a woman trying to pretend to be a girl who’s trying to be a boy who won’t grow up.  But at least she’s younger than the rest of the bunch, and may be the youngest one of the four to have played the kid from Never-never land.  Don’t hold me to that though, because it’s mostly just a guess.

You can read more at Variety, if you please.  But here’s the publicity still I stole from them.  That’s okay, isn’t it since they stole it from NBC?

And if you’ve ever wondered why Peter Pan is always played by a woman, at least in these stage productions, here’s your answer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tonight’s Overnight Comedy Moment: The Honeymooners

Netflix Snags the Rights to Fox’s “Gotham” Before One Episode Has Aired

I'm sure that after the recent success of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, there are many out there eagerly anticipating the arrival of  for the prequel “Gotham” on the Fox Network.

Has it only been a year since the arrival of another movie based spinoff by the name of Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. was also delivered into the eager arms of Marvel fan boys one and all?  By the time the first season of Agents ended, it seems like most people have forgotten that it even existed.  The show everybody was talking about became the show nobody was talking about.  Agents of What?

But Netflix is betting that Gotham won't meet with the same fate. They have just paid Fox for the exclusive rights to stream the series.  Netflix chief, Ted Sarandos, says “it’s the most anticipated series of the new fall season”.  I suppose so, unless of course that means that the new lineup which begins this month is mediocre fodder from beginning to end.  By the end of the month, they’ll be dropping like flies.

So how much is Netflix paying for the privilege of streaming what they and Fox must believe is the greatest TV show ever?

Let me put it to you this way: They paid $2 million an episode to NBC for the privilege of bringing you "The Blacklist." You can also use this chart to determine how much Netflix is paying to produce original programming.

The Hollywood Reporter:
Under the deal between Netflix and Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution, the streaming service will get exclusive subscription video on demand rights for Gotham in the U.S., territories in which Netflix operates, as well as some additional territories. Seasons of the series will become available after their initial broadcast dates starting in fall 2015.

"Gotham is the most anticipated new series of the fall season and we are thrilled to offer it to our members around the world," said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos in a statement. "The Batman origin story is sure to have massive global appeal so it is fitting that, along with Warner Television, we have created a new model for distributing a show that international and domestic audiences will love."

Netflix declined to comment on how much it was paying for the rights. It recently paid a pretty penny for rights to NBC's The Blacklist, coughing up $2 million an episode for the series. Deadline first reported the news of the Gotham deal. Gotham, which takes place years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, centers on the early days of James Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie), who in DC Comics lore eventually ascends to the position of Gotham police commissioner.
I'm going to be honest with you. I don't think streaming reruns of Gotham or The Blacklist for the amount of money they are undoubtedly paying, is good for subscribers. Eventually Netflix is going to raise its rates, and the content will start to grow lackluster in many other areas as the big money goes to a chosen few with not much left over for anything else. 

How many of the package deals will Netflix be able to sign up when their cash flow is tied up in a few single series?  I don't have the answer to that, but maybe Police Commissioner Gordon does. Ask him.  We'll wait and see.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tonight’s Overnight Comedy Moment: Hosted by Sarah Palin

Best and Worst of The Sims 3

My favorite Sims 3 reviewer on YouTube is The Lazy Game Reviewer. I find his reviews to be quite entertaining and we seem to agree on what we want out of our Sims gameplay.

So he's posted this video choosing his favorite expansion packs and favorite stuff packs along with the worst of both. On the stuff packs three of his worst picks were Katie Perry Sweet Treats, Diesel Stuff, and Movie Stuff. I did not purchase any of the three so it looks like I made a good decision in that regards.

I totally agree with him about Into The Future. It didn't take long to find out that the future in the Sims world is a rather boring place with not much to do. There were so many possibilities for that expansion pack and not a one of them was realized.  It was also stupid to make all of the future items available to present day Sims which meant you had absolutely no reason to transport your Sim to the future.

Here is LGR's best and worst of The Sims Three.

Some Custom Content for The Sims 4? Already?

The Sims 4 isn't being released until Tuesday, September 2, but already some custom content is beginning to appear here and there. Obviously some of it was made using the Create–a –Sam demo. 
First things first

These items which you can see on Mod the Sims by using this link (not sure if you have to be a registered member to view it) include a Michael Jackson Sam, some guru T-shirts, and some Pokémon hats. I might be interested in putting Michael Jackson into the game, but I really have no use for guru T-shirts and Pokémon hats.

One thing is for sure, if you paid extra for the special edition which could be $10-$20 depending on where you purchased it, you did not get your money's worth. The stuff included is as usual with things like this, how can I put this delicately? Oh yeah, shitty!  What? You were expecting them to give you something you can actually use?  Particularly the stupid looking hats and terrible makeup.

There's also the usual videos on YouTube from those who were able to get there are hands on a copy early. Some of those are in Asian, but here's one in English. Please keep in mind that I take ecstatic reviews with a grain of salt. A whole shaker full.  And especially when you start off your video talking about its greatness when you haven’t been played but five minutes. But you decide for yourself.  It’s kind of boring.  I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes.


Tonight’s Overnight Comedy Moment: Uh……Uh……uh……..

You might have to be an old timer to get this one.  If you need an explanation, do what this kid does.  Ask your mother.  Or grandmother as the case may be.

Netflix: Available for Streaming in September.

Here is a list of at least some of the television shows and movies that will be available for streaming on Netflix during September 2014. Check the dates to see if you have a favorite coming up. There’s a few in the movie section that I know are worthwhile but mostly it’s stuff I haven’t even heard of. And Dennis Miller? Who wants to see that guy? Was he ever funny?

TV Shows:

Californication   Seasons 1-7, Sept. 1
Chasing UFOs  
Season 1, Sept. 1
Doomsday Preppers   Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
Season 1 Sept. 1
Unsealed: Alien Files  
Season 1, Sept. 1
Zero Hour   Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
The League   Season 5, Sept. 2
Trailer Park Boys  
Season 8, Sept. 5
The Blacklist 
Season 1, Sept. 7
Crash & Bernstein  
Season 2, Sept. 10
About a Boy   Season 1, Sept. 14
Season 2, Sept. 14
Bones   Season 9, Sept. 16
New Girl  
Season 3, Sept. 16
The Fosters  
Season 2, Sept. 17
Revolution   Season 2, Sept. Sept. 22
How I Met Your Mother  
Season 9, Sept. 26
Parks and Recreation   Season 6, Sept. 26
Comic Book Men  
Season 3, Sept. 28
The Walking Dead   Season 4, Sept. 28


A Simple Plan   Sept. 1
Cool Runnings   Sept. 1
Crocodile Dundee   Sept. 1
Detention  Sept. 1
Flubber   Sept. 1

Girl Rising   Sept. 1
Girlfight   Sept. 1
Good Morning, Vietnam   Sept. 1
Guess Who   Sept. 1
Hoodwinked   Sept. 1
Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie   Sept. 1
Lords of Dogtown   Sept. 1
Mirage Men   Sept. 1
School of Rock   Sept. 1
Small Apartments   Sept. 1
Swiss Family Robinson   Sept. 1
The Believers   Sept. 1
The Blue Lagoon   Sept. 1
The Unbelievers   Sept. 1
All is Lost   Sept. 5
Kid Cannabis   Sept. 6
Le Week-End   Sept. 6
Refuge   Sept. 6
Your Sister’s Sister   Sept. 6
Who Is Dayani Cristal?  Sept. 9
Deadly Code  Sept. 10
A Single Man   Sept. 11
Dennis Miller: America 180   Sept. 11
Filth   Sept. 11
The Moment   Sept. 11
Grace Unplugged   Sept. 12
Justin and the Knights of Valor   Sept. 13
Beginners   Sept. 16
One Day   Sept. 16
Silver Linings Playbook   Sept. 16
3 Days to Kill   Sept. 17
The Double   Sept. 25
Bad Grandpa   Sept. 27
Lullaby   Sept. 29
Killing Them Softly  
Sept. 30

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cloud Files Hacked, Nude Photos Appear of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and others.

One of the actresses, initially denied the pictures were of her.  That's the worst thing you can do.  It's like trying to hide the fact that you did something wrong.

None of these ladies did anything wrong.  Should they have been more careful in regards to where they put these?  It's hard to say.

I keep files in the cloud, but not anything anybody would really care about or bother with. 

But a person should expect a certain amount of privacy, security, and safety from companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon.  And if they can't provide that privacy and protection, then it's best to use some common sense and discretion in regards to what you keep in the cloud.

As I mentioned earlier though, with these companies offering free cloud service for photographs, you may not even know that your private pictures are being uploaded if you accidentally authorized the service or did it without knowing what you were agreeing to.


Nude photos of “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and Kirsten Dunst, among others, leaked online Sunday morning in one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals in recent memory. The images, which first appeared on image sharing site 4chan, show most of the celebrities nude or in provocative poses. A spokesperson for Lawrence confirmed the images were of the Oscar-winning actress and blasted the hackers for their “flagrant violation of privacy.” “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence,” her representative warned.
So, a developing story. What makes this different is the fact that so many accounts were hacked and exposed, and if they were all kept by the same service, be it Apple or whomever, it will not be good for them. My advice: As soon as it is confirmed which company was hacked, I'd find other places to put my files and cancel the account. And remember: Don't put any personal information be it pictures or documents in the cloud. Use an external hard drive.