Monday, January 13, 2014

Hollywood’s Never Ending Love Affair With Woody Allen, The Molester, Makes Me Want To Puke


I will never understand Hollywood's love affair with Woody Allen the Molester.  But even if you put that bit of nasty history aside, most of his movies are self indulgent exercises in endless psycho babble tedium.  Oh don't worry, every time I criticize your highness, someone from the Hollywood School of Elite Snobbery surfaces to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.  But whatever.

By my way of thinking, Annie Hall to this day remains one of the most over praised ridiculous best picture winners in the history of the Academy Awards.   

From Think Progress:

The next summer, Orth wrote “after disappearing with Allen in Mia’s Connecticut country house and reappearing without underpants, Dylan told her mother that Allen had stuck his finger up her vagina and kissed her all over in the attic.” Allen has denied her charges, and staff at Yale-New Haven Hospital and Connecticut state investigators split on whether Dylan was a credible witness. Ultimately, charges weren’t filed against Allen, though a number of investigators believed Dylan.

It’s true that Allen hasn’t been convicted of anything, but it remains an incredibly ugly part of his history that, until Orth’s piece, had faded in the public memory, eclipsed by Allen’s affair with and marriage to Soon-Yi Previn, Farrow’s daughter, which has become the placeholder for the sexually queasy air that surrounds Allen. But his legal innocence doesn’t mean that anyone’s required to like Allen, or that it’s not incredibly jarring to see a public tribute to him that completely ignores the profound discomfort many people feel about Allen’s personal life and that has affected the way they see his work.


There's much more to the article, some of which I don't agree with. But whatever side you come down on, I think it's high time we quit honoring sleazeballs in this country. If Woody Allen wants to make movies, he has that right. But there is no reason to continually shower him with awards while forgetting what kind of a person her really is. But in Uh-merica, it seems to be coming a habit.