Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snake Bit

I had never heard of this show until now.  But it's the typical reality b.s. for stupid people with mini-minds and zero thought process. 

It would be almost ridiculously hilarious reading National  Geographic's excuses and nonsense for putting people like James Coots and those like him on the air, if the real reasons weren't so blatantly obvious. 

They do it for the ratings, to attract viewers who will remain perpetually ignorant and watch any garbage out there.

National Geographic:  "He died doing what he believed was his calling."

No he didn't.  He died because he was a blooming idiot.  And the more we glorify idiots such as James Coots  or the phony bearded bums from Dork Dynasty, the stupider people in this country become. 

I guess it's no surprise at all that he's from the state of Kentucky, home of the Creationist Museum.  Where else would he be from?

Coots claimed it was their first amendment right to play with snakes.  It's also his right to be brain damaged.  And guess what Coots, it's also your right to be totally, unequivocally dead.

From Deadline Hollywood:

Jamie Coots, one of the stars of National Geographic‘s reality show Snake Salvation, died Saturday of a poisonous snake bite. According to reports he refused medical attention after being bitten in his Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name in Middlesboro, Kentucky and died shortly thereafter in his home. The show debuted last Fall centered on two Pentecostal preachers who handle deadly snakes as part of a century-old Appalachian practice originating from a Bible passage that suggests those anointed by God will not be harmed by a poisonous snake bite. Coots had previously been bitten nine times and lost a finger to a rattlesnake bite. He starred on Snake Salvation alongside Tennessee Pastor Andrew Hamblin, both of whom claim serpent handling is their First Amendment religious right. The pair have come under fire from authorities for hunting and collecting deadly snakes for their church services. Last year Coots pled guilty to illegally possessing and transporting three rattlesnakes and two copperheads in Tennessee after the state seized them in a traffic stop as he was driving them from Alabama to Kentucky.