Friday, July 18, 2014

Amazon Introduces Kindle Unlimited

If you have Amazon Prime and own a Kindle, you probably already know that you can “borrow” one book a month from the Amazon Library at no extra charge.  Now, Amazon introduces it’s more liberal Netflix type reading program known as Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle UnlimitedFor $9.99 per month plus applicable tax, you can sit and read to your heart’s content forever, and never run out of the printed word.  Yes, there is no limit on number of books you can borrow. 

Time Enough At LastYou’ll be your very own Henry Bemis and you won’t even need a nuclear war to send you on your way.  And if you should happen to break you glass as Bemis did, you can always get you another pair.

Unlike borrowing under the Amazon Prime plan, you don’t need to own a Kindle.  You just have to have the Kindle App on whatever device you own whether it’s your P.C., Laptop, Cellphone, or Touch Pad. 

There is supposedly about 600,000 titles available so you should be able to find something worth your while.  I guess it also depends on your reading habits as to whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth. 

If you read a lot and have the time to, this could be right up your alley.  But it won’t benefit me so I’ll opt out of this new program.  There just isn’t that much time for me to read and I’m lucky if I get through two books a month these days.  Maybe when I retire in about four years, it’ll be a different story. 

Watch the video, use the links to sign up.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marsha Blackburn–R, Tennessee. Telecommunications Industry Whore

Marsh Blackburn PuppetHere’s a blatant example as to why some congress people like Marsha Blackburn think you're a clueless dolt who will never get the fact that her ass has been bought and paid for by the cable/satellite/telecommunications industry.

Like a good GOP servant of their corporate masters, she thinks competition is a good thing....up until the point she is paid to think otherwise.  And when GOP whores like Marsha Blackburn are drowning and Comcast and Telecommunications lobbyist’s cash, that’s all the time.

Marsha Blackburn-R, from Tennessee knows that the mindless drones in her district will vote for her regardless as long as she carries the GOP symbol of mediocrity next to her name.  In essence, she gets to screw them over and they’ll beg for more.  Blackburn can get away with what anyone else with a modicum of common sense knows is a blatant sellout in an effort to make sure that the telecommunications industry can continue to rule over us with no real competition and she can continue to fill her coffers with the endless funds shower her in.  Nothing like a lot of Comcast Cash to bathe yourself with.

A little bit of brief history of what has happened over the past few years.

Cable and internet service providers in most cities and towns face no competition whatsoever. Therefore, since you have no alternative, they charge exorbitant prices for everything, have the world's shittiest service, and feel absolutely no need to upgrade their system.

Some communities and towns finally got fed up with the bullshit and started their own municipal ISP's so that the citizens (that's us in case you forgot) would have an alternative. And since they don't need to make a huge obscene profit, these systems would be genuine alternatives and competition for the cable companies that have most of us by the balls.
And if there's one thing these companies hate, it's competition. Because competing means they have to do such mundane boring things as charge what is fair, give better service, and upgrade their rundown crappy utilities that are supposed to hold the thing together.  And the money you pay to these Municipal systems?  It goes right back into the maintenance and infrastucture instead of the endlessly deep pockets of companies like Comcast, Time Warner, etc.

So they have tried to do an end around in order to get cities, counties, towns, and states to pass laws making it illegal for cities to have their own telecommunications service. They achieve this object by buying off the GOP and representatives like Blackburn who understand that if she places a pile of shit in front of her voters in Tennessee and calls it a Rose, they’ll swear up and down it’s a rose.

From Ars Technica:

Blackburn received $10,000 from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association this year and last year, according to She received $12,500 in contributions from Verizon, $10,000 from AT&T, $7,500 from Comcast, and $7,000 from representatives of Time Warner Cable. (These donations come from the companies' political action committees, employees, or owners.)

The bill—H.R. 5016, the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act of 2015—was left as unfinished business yesterday. A roll call vote on Blackburn's amendment "was postponed, but it initially appeared to have enough votes for passage," according to the news site Broadcasting & Cable.

The National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, and National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors yesterday sent a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to defeat Blackburn's amendment.
"[S]tate laws that prohibit or restrict public and public/private broadband projects... harm both the public and private sectors, stifle economic growth, prevent the creation or retention of thousands of jobs, and hamper work force development," the letter said. "The private sector alone cannot enable the United States to take full advantage of the opportunities that advanced communications networks can create in virtually every area of life.

As a result, federal, state, and local efforts are taking place across the Nation to deploy both private and public broadband infrastructure to stimulate and support economic development and job creation, especially in economically distressed areas. But such efforts are being thwarted in some areas by State laws that prohibit or restrict municipalities from working with private broadband providers, or developing themselves, if necessary, the advanced broadband infrastructure that will stimulate local businesses development, foster work force retraining, and boost employment in economically underachieving areas."

But at least Birdbrain Blackburn is consistent. She's always been against anything and everything that is for the working class and anybody who can't ejaculate cash into her campaign coffers. Blackburn is against equal pay for women, against raising the minimum wage, against the ACA, against relief for Sandy victims, against sensible gun control, against Planned Parenthood, against public education, against feeding hungry children, against veteran benefits.

One thing Blackburn does stand for (or is it lie down for?) and always will is the Corporate Sugar Daddies whom she sold her ass to a long long long time ago.  I guess that’s why she’s from The Volunteer State.  She’ll volunteer to let anyone be her pimp for the right amount of $$$$$$$$.